Sales Representatives

Republic Wire,Inc. Sale Representatives provide superior customer service by selling our innovative and High Quality Wiring Products. Search below for the agent nearest you.

Representative(s): Clyde Collins, Sean Foster, Cherie Childers, Corey Collins
City: Irvine
State: California
States Served: Arizona, California, Nevada
Representative(s): Jacques & Sylvia Levesque
City: North Glengarry, ON
State: Canada
States Served: Canada
Representative(s): Tim Bergquist
City: Northglenn
State: Colorado
States Served: Colorado, Wyoming
Representative(s): Bob Denislo, Tom Howard
City: Tampa
State: Florida
States Served: Florida
Representative(s): Mike Croft
City: Lawrenceville
State: Georgia
States Served: Alabama, Georgia
Representative(s): Jeffrey Casey
City: Bensenville
State: Illinois
Representative(s): Kelly Pfeiffer, Michael Pfeiffer
City: Louisville
State: Kentucky
States Served: Indiana, Kentucky
Representative(s): Chuck Role
City: Woburn
State: Massachusetts
Representative(s): Brian Hickey
City: Novi
State: Michigan
States Served: Michigan
Representative(s): Mike Skovran
City: Lakeville
State: Minnesota
Representative(s): Mike Meglio
City: Chesterfield
State: Missouri
Representative(s): Howard Elman
City: Ridgewood
State: New York
Representative(s): Ed McMahon, Dan Ager, Alex Pusztai, Dan Gosier
City: Syracuse
State: New York
States Served: New York
Representative(s): Howard C. Pickett
City: Apex
State: North Carolina
Representative(s): Steve Yelton, Herb Hammiel
City: West Chester
State: Ohio
States Served: Ohio
Representative(s): James Amey
City: Portland
State: Oregon
States Served: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington
Representative(s): Nathan Davenport
City: Nashville
State: Tennessee
States Served: Tennessee
Representative(s): Mark Johnston
City: Irving
State: Texas
States Served: Louisiana, Texas
Representative(s): Pete Jones
City: Salt Lake City
State: Utah
States Served: Nevada, Utah, Wyoming