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Republic Wire Celebrates 25 Years of Manufacturing

It’s amazing how time flies! Republic Wire is happy to announce that while we have been in business since 1982, the year of 2019 was our 25th anniversary of our start in the manufacturing world.

The year 1994 was the first year that Republic Wire began manufacturing in our facility in West Chester, Ohio. We started small with only one extrusion line and two small bunching lines. Since those humble beginnings, we have grown our capacity to encompass a much larger scope. Each year we find a way to change, adjust, grow or simply become more efficient with our machinery and continue to grow our product offerings and capacities to better suit the needs of our nationwide and international customer base.

These past 25 years have seen a multitude of changes within Republic Wire and we are excited to see what the next 25 years may bring!

Aluminum Products Continue To Grow As a Part of Republic Wire's Stable of Products




Already considered a high-quality manufacturer of Copper building wire products, Republic Wire is continually looking to improve our product base and add more product lines to our growing stable of products. As Electrical Distributors and Contractors around the country continue to consolidate their suppliers and continue to purchase more products from one vendor, Republic Wire is always looking for ways to become a more integral supplier to our electrical distribution partners.
This continuous search led to our addition of Aluminum Building Wire products back in 2017.

The addition of the Aluminum building wire products allows not only for our customer base to purchase more products from Republic Wire on broader spectrum stock orders and job orders but also allows our customer base to keep their business with Republic Wire when the option of using copper building wire products is exhausted by the contractor.

Our Aluminum product base contains a mixture of commonly used aluminum products including:
  • XHHW
  • USE
  • SER
  • SEU
  • MHFC
  • URD Triplex
  • URD Quadraplex.

The XHHW and USE products can be purchased in “true color” form and our products maintain the same sequential foot markings you have come to rely on from our Copper building wire products. The Aluminum products join an already strong product package that includes Copper THHN, TFFN, XHHW, USE, Poly WP, PV-USE, TW & NMB insulated products along with our bare copper and tinned bare copper products.

We are excited to be able to offer these Aluminum products alongside our Copper products! Next time you see your local agent or regional manager, be sure to ask about our product list and this new addition to our product group!
Ext Line

Republic Wire Continues to Grow

As Republic Wire continues to expand our machinery base, we are proud to announce another addition to our production lines.

As of November 2017, we have installed a new extrusion line dedicated to larger size material.

This new line doubles our running capacity on gauge sizes 1/0 thru 750 mcm and gives us the capabilities of running 1000 mcm THHN! This addition to our extrusion group will allow us to continue to grow our capabilities and capacity. We are excited to add this machine to our already impressive group of extrusion lines and continue to improve our capabilities to better serve our customer base.

For more information, please contact your local rep, regional sales manager or our offices.
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Republic Wire Building

Welcome To Our New Website

Republic Wire is happy to announce that we have upgraded and launched a new website! In order to keep our customers informed and able to handle the needs of the electrical industry, we upgraded our website to better fulfill the needs of our distributor partners and the requests they receive for information.

Some of the new features include:

  • New interactive Agency map

  • Video tours of our facility and machinery

  • Better collection of pictures

  • PDF copies of all required specification sheets and certificates of compliance, origin, etc.

  • Easier navigation across the website to find what you need quickly and be able to respond to your contractors’ needs for paperwork or specifications on a timely basis.

We hope that you will take the time to peruse the different videos, information sheets, and other additions. As always, we are here to serve our customer needs and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Best Regards,
Jeremy Rosenbeck
Republic Wire, Inc.

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RDL Logistics

RDLRepublic Wire has contracted with RDLogisticsinc, an on-site shipping service committed to delivering our high-quality wiring products to our valued customers. provides Reliable and Dependable freight deliveries across North America.
May 18, 2015


Republic Wire introduces NM-B (nonmetallic-sheathed cable)

Republic Wire’s NM-B cable is manufactured as 2,3 or 4 conductor cable with a bare ground wire. Copper conductors are soft annealed copper.
NM-B may run in air voids of masonry block or tile walls where locations are not wet or damp. NM-B voltage rating is 600 volts.
Republic Wire Inc. – Aluminum Product Line
December 22, 2014

Aluminum_Wire Republic Wire Inc. who has served as a manufacturer of copper wire products throughout the United States and internationally for 32 years, has expanded its product line and is now offering ALUMINUM products. The new Aluminum product line features XHHW and USE for the building wire market as well as SER and SEU. In addition, RWI now offers URD (Triplex and Quadruplex) as well as MHFC (Mobile Home Feeder Cable) to round out the Aluminum package. Our Aluminum package features 8000 series aluminum which allows for higher tensile strength and improved thermal stability. All Aluminum products are fully recognized by UL industry standards.

Click here for our full product listing or get a Quote by calling your sales representative today.  Republic Wire, Inc. remains committed to high-quality products, product knowledge and excellent customer service.

Ron Rosenbeck & Speaker Boehner - Watch our video! 

Speaker Boehner came to visit Republic Wire. 
February 13, 2014

Speaker Boehner tours Republic Wire!