industrial Wire

About Us

Republic Wire, Inc began operations in Cincinnati, Ohio in January of 1982. Ron Rosenbeck, owner, and CEO of RWI, has been in the copper industry since 1973. 

made in americaRepublic Wire originally manufactured top-quality bare copper wire and became known as “bare copper specialists.” We now offer a more extensive package to better serve our customers' needs. These products include tinned copper wire, insulated building wire (THHN, THW, XHHW, USE, ALUMINUM, NM-B, TFFN and TW), polyweatherproof wire and bare copper wire.

Our product list is designed to service the electrical wholesale distributor, utility distributors, RUS, investor-owned utilities and municipalities nationwide.

We not only offer products that are top-quality, but have exceptional service and an extensive inventory to ensure our customers the products they need with the speed, accuracy and fill rate they deserve. We operate in a 350,000 square foot, modern production facility. Our TEAM concept at RWI gives us an added advantage – to assure quality products and service to all of our customers.

Commitment in providing high-quality wiring products to our customers and value to the community of USA manufacturing has always been a top priority.