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Aluminum and Copper Wire:

Aluminum and Copper Wire Manufacturing, National electrical wholesale distributor, utility distributors, RUS, investor-owned utilities and municipalities.

Since its humble beginnings in a 3000 sq ft warehouse in 1982, Republic Wire has grown to over 400,000 sq ft and continues to grow. Republic Wire was founded on the principals of service for our customers. Hard work, customer loyalty and the ability to manufacture a quality product are Republic Wire’s key ingredients for success.

Republic Wire has an unfailing commitment to its customers and is determined to consistently deliver high quality products on time. Republic continues to expand its market share by emphasizing responsiveness to customers and maintaining a low cost.

Since 1982 we have been making quality products. They are produced using electrolytically refined high grade copper, which is 99% pure. Polyvinyl chloride is used to insulate the wire and then cooled all while testing for imperfections.

Our current product line includes bare copper, thhn, xhhw, use, polyweatherproof, tinned copper, pv, nm-b, uf, tw, aluminum, mhf, urd, ser, seu, xhhw aluminum and use aluminum.

Republic Wire is proud to say that all of our Copper Wire products are manufactured in the USA.

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